Survey Research

We design, and manage large, complex surveys to gather accurate household, economic and business data. We have experience in conducting censuses, sample surveys, and audits. We conduct surveys face-to-face, telephonically and on-line.

In addition to surveying the general public, we are experienced in working with vulnerable populations, political and business elites, and children. We adhere to international best practice and ethical research standards, and have experience in collecting biomedical specimens and sensitive data.

For us, quality surveys are hinged on appropriate tools, quality management frameworks and social interaction. The emphasis we place on recruitment, training, and mentoring of our research teams plays a key role in our success. In addition, we use technology and digital solutions to enhance survey management, improve quality and shorten timelines. Our digital survey tools can be used anywhere in Africa, providing immediate access to results.

We have expertise in advanced statistical analysis, and the integration of geo-spatial data.