SADC Research Centre

We are a leading social and economic research consultancy based in Southern Africa. For more than 10 years we have delivered comprehensive insights on and evaluations of African human development trends and socio-economic issues.

We have conducted more than 60 research and evaluation projects. We have the skills, capacity and experience to deliver on complex social research and evaluation projects.

Our work has been used to guide international, country-level and local social and economic policies and interventions. We use empirical evidence to test and develop social and programme theory. SADC Research Centre has a track record of supporting governments, universities, donor agencies and civil society organisations with relevant, timely and quality evidence for social and economic development.

Our Vision

Our work is driven by a passion to contribute to a better future for Africa. We believe that evidence-based policy and programming is vital.

SADC Research Centre was founded in 2006 to improve the quality of evidence used in development planning. Everyday, we work towards methodological and technical enhancements in social research – convening the best teams we can – and encouraging the use and up-take of research amongst decision makers.

Our Approach

Before embarking on a project, we spend time understanding our client’s organisational needs, objectives, and priorities. This information helps us develop the best possible tailor-made research, monitoring and evaluation strategies.

During our engagement with our clients, we remain responsive to their needs whilst continuously improving and adding value to the design, management and use of research and evidence.

We monitor and report on progress on an ongoing basis whilst guiding and mentoring our teams at all times. This helps us deliver good quality data and insights, on time, and within budget.


We are aware that our work and recommendations have real consequences for project managers, their initiatives, and beneficiaries. We acknowledge and value the trust they have in us. Integrity and transparency are therefore important values for us, and we adhere to stringent ethical guidelines:

  • We respect the autonomy and dignity of all participants,
  • We afford protection to those who are vulnerable and/or share sensitive information,
  • We avoid causing physical, psychological or social harm, and
  • We value justice in our work.


For each project SADC Research Centre works in partnership with our clients, and brings together engaged African and international experts to attend to social and economic challenges.

SADC Research Centre manages large-scale, complex research and evaluation projects in Africa’s urban, rural and traditional areas. Our project managers guide multi-disciplinary teams of over 100 researchers and fieldworkers each year. We continuously recruit and develop teams of field researchers, technicians, data specialists, and experts in a range of thematic areas. We build teams of academics and research mechanics. Over the past 10 years, we have created more than 1,500 direct jobs.